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About Us

It’s simple—
We find where it hurts and provide pain relief

    Mid-Valley Media, Inc. is an Oregon based multimedia marketing  and equipment sales company with ties all over the world. We provide many different services to a diverse client base. Its funny how sometimes our clients don’t realize how many servies we provide until they look us up on the website.
     I know, we should be telling them of all our other services, but really, its a bit overwhelming to see just how many things we do. Its easier to just let them discover how well rounded we are as the need arises. I don’t hesitate to let them know when the opportunity reveals itself.

    Mid-Valley Media, Inc. also serves as an umbrella corporation that has many other projects and companies. Full Access Sports, Fearless Quilter, Northwest Cruise TV… to name a few.


All the best,

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John Strauch

Owner, Mid-Valley Media, Inc.

John Strauch has over five decades in the production industry.  He has served in just about every roll you can think of in video and television. He also has worked at the manufacturers level as designer, beta tester, consultant, and Sales Engineer.  He is known for his wit and what his close friends refer to as John-isms.  Get to know him and you’ll hear them.